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1 Year Ago, Micah & I took the leap! We started our very own company! And honestly? It was terrifying! And NOT the most practical call.

I was a graphic design contractor, and he was a mechanic. Before starting Dreamers That Do, we were set up to starting saving towards a home, preparing for kiddos- stuff we 100% still desire!

But for us, we knew we had to follow our 1) passion & our 2) peace. And at the time, that meant beginning construction on our Dream company.

(Especially because we want to set an example of pursuing dreams, and living open hearted for our future kiddos, & our community!)

So I dropped my graphic design clients, and Micah chose to stay as mechanic to provide us with a steady income. (A choice that as a wife and business partner, I am soo grateful for!)

We moved out of our spacious 2 story, 3 bath town home (who needs that many bathrooms?!? lol), into a 1 bedrom 700 sq ft apartment on the South side of town.

And after 1 year of working from home in a much smaller space, I have learned a lot on how to create a positive workspace, even without a home office! (Which we had before!)

Product 3.jpg

Here are my BEST Tips for creating a productive atmosphere, 1) on a budget, 2) in a small space & 3) with a biz partner & creative team.

Tip # 1   A FEW GOOD MEN

Purchase just a few good men! AKA high quality pieces. ;) The rest? Grab in clearance aisles, at the dollar tree, or use what you already have!

This gives you a clear, uncluttered space, and shows off the quality pieces you have! And when it comes to work spaces, I've learned that less truly is more.

For our corner desk (which sits in our living room) we used a budget of $130, not including the desk. (W/ desk, Total Spent is $196)

This is a beautiful workspace, for less than half the price of my previous home office! All because I'm finally learning how to spend where it counts. #goteam




From internships during college, to doing creative side gigs at home while working a 9-5,  to now working from home full time, my career has taken many turns!

One thing I've learned through all of the transition, is how to invest in workspace pieces that are more than 'Work Themed'.

I'm buying less 'hustle & heart' art prints these days, and more decor that speaks to my identity as a whole! My wonder, my life dreams (not just creative), & my lifestyle vibe.

For our corner desk & podcast area, we made sure to focus on earthy vibes (Plants & Pots from Foliage Clovis), and art that speaks to our hearts.

This Dream Doer Print was designed by Micah & I, and hand printed with a wooden stamp in Central California. (By our friend Urban Crow Apparel!)

It means a lot to us personally, but also, it's a statement of identity that keeps us Dreaming wildly, and daring to execute on those dreams.


Hanging Picture.jpg
Dream Print 1.jpg
Dream Print 11.jpg


I am ALL for personal touches! But as a 'new to minimalism' type, it was hard to decide WHERE to add these touches, and HOW MANY to speckle in.

For our corner desk, we stuck with only 3 momentos! We wanted our personal touches to be powerful reminders, and to stand out in our creative space.

I chose an article in one of my favorite magazines that inspires me to keep taking creative risks! I also chose a polaroid of my little sister. This is a simple touch, but a powerful reminder to me that there is a little person learning from my actions, so I better make them magical!

And last, I put my favorite comics on the desk, to remind me of the heroes that inspire both Micah & I. :) These are simple, in the color pallette, but very distinct reminders of who we want to be.

In our living room, that doubles as our podcasting studio, I added photobooth pictures of Micah & I, and a copy of The Good Newspaper.

For me, our marriage is such a foundation in our lives- and The Good Newspaper is a reminder to us of the people who we want to be; Ordinary humans, creating more good news in the world.

When picking momentos, we simply asked ourselves, "What brings us the most joy?" 

Note* Silliness is always an instant joy bomb! We do also have a framed picture of Leslie Knope in the living room. :)

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