FREE Holiday Conversation Starters!


Micah Amos & I recently co-hosted a Dinner Party with our amazing friend, Kendra Gilbert of Dinner With Friends Magazine!

During the Dinner party, where we hosted 7 of Fresno's most meaningful creatives, and we pulled out this deck of cards to get to know our guests on a deeper level. These cards, mixed with vulnerable, heartfelt guests, filled our dinner party with soo much connection!

And with the Holiday season upon us, we want to give you the same opportunity at deeper connection with the people you love!




Conversation Starters


Heroes & Heart Convo Cards, DTD2.jpg
Heroes & Heart Convo Cards, DTD10.jpg

We sincerely hope you enjoy this small pack of Conversation Starters. Every card holds a different question, from the category of Hero (Geek question) or Heart (passion & dreams). Which is why this pack is called Heroes & Heart.

Inspired by the amazing talks we get to have every week on the podcast, created to help you find the same connection & depth in your day to day relationships.

These are digital cards, so they will automatically save to your books section of your iPhone, and are easy to flip through on your phone or tablet.

From Micah & I, here is the pack of Conversation Starter Cards we used for our magical night of Dinner With Friends.

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