BEFORE Sending a Brand Pitch or Collab Idea (Checklist & Tips)

After spending over a year reaching out to brands that I was heads over heels for- & getting YES's back from them to do work together- I quickly gained experience in the ins & outs of collaborating! And I learned what works AMAZINGLY- and what doesn't.

There is much more to Collabing then I originally thought! And I want to share our Dreamers That Do Collab Checklist, Best Tips on Who To Work With, & Collab Ideas to expand your online influence in 2018. That way you can connect more deeply with your Dream audience/clients!

- Miciah



  1. Define Your Dream Clients (Who do you want to reach?)
  2. Define a Clear End Goal with Collaboration
  3. Check that the Collab lines up with your Current Business Goals, & That You Have The Time (I've found that collabs often take much more time than I originally anticipate. Make sure you have space in your calendar for all of the communication, creation, development, & social media sharing that goes into collabing- and make sure that this is the right time in your business.)
  4. Create a list of people you’d like to collab with or Clearly Define the type of brand or person you’d like to collab with.
  5. Craft a Specific Idea for the Collab Partners you are contacting that

a) Serves that person’s audience specifically or is relevant to that person’s  audience!

b) Helps your end goal! If you’re trying to grow an email list, and you’re guest blogging, make sure you have a call to action for the email list! Have a freebie attached- make sure it directly aligns with your goal

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Examples of Clear End Goals

  • To immediately generate a financial return! I want buys from a paid ad.
  • To grow my social media accounts or email list! Interested in a larger customer base to sell to.
  • A few referrals to my service. Would love to talk to new potential customers!
  • To grow my brand’s name recognition in the Central Valley.

Knowing Who to Collab With Tips

  • Create two separate lists in Google Docs. One of people that you have already spent time following, commenting on their posts, and subscribing to their email lists- people that you genuinely follow and value- and one list of the brands that you haven't started engaging with yet, and following/subscribing to, etc.

        Only reach out to the people you currently follow & engage with! Save the              second list for your future collab ideas. (It’s important to have some                          relationship to your partner before reaching out!)

  • Follow Your Gut when selecting WHO to collab with! I've only had 2 times where we’ve collabed & it didn't work out as smoothly.

         But one of them I had felt in my gut might not be right, and the other, we               rushed into it instead of waiting to get to know the person. Be patient before           reaching out, check with your gut, and go from there.

  • It's more about  choosing someone who engages with your Dream audience/clients- then it is about reaching out to someone with x amount of followers, or a certain level of brand prestige. 
  • Get involved in the communities of people who you’d love to collab with. Tuesdays Together Fresno, look up on FB, or attend Events like the Fresno Women’s Summit or RAWW Talks - or even local boutiques!

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 Ideas On How To Collab

  • Guest Blog

  • Video Collab

  • Insta Story Takeover & Guest Insta Post

  • Insta Live W/ Someone

  • FB Live in Someone Else’s FB Group!

  • Giveaway with a few other brands

  • Collab on a Product

  • Collab on an Event (Bitwise & Dinner W/ Friends)

  • Booth at Events (Fresno High Flea, Dreamer Co Op, Old Town Flea, Commonspace Boutique)

  • Speak: at an event or small group or on a podcast (Call in to a Podcast Show or be a Guest!)

  • Send Your Music to Content Creators!

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