EP 25: Breakthrough In Your Creative Work, W/ Micah & Miciah


In this week's Podcast Episode, Micah & I let you into a sacred tradition of ours;

Sunday Drives down Christmas Tree Lane!

Listen in as we sip coffee, & process the REAL ups & downs of building our creative careers.

All while giving you our best tips for career breakthrough.


Our Top 5 Tips


1) Name Your Heroes

 Find 2 0r 3 people who’s creative careers you want to emulate- and write their names on a post it this week. Whenever you feel a lack a clarity or motivation, go look at their websites, social media accounts, or creative work! Be inspired, and remember- they didn't get there overnight. There are probably thousands of quiet moments where they felt discouraged, alone, or like giving up.

2) Make New Friends

Yes, we mean it! Sometimes the beautiful people who knew you in high school, or your loving family members- will not be able to see you evolving. They may not give you the freedom to change. Go out, find a few new friends or acquaintances! Begin to surround yourself with people that understand who you REALLY are, and where you want to go in life.

3) Create A Go-To Movie Scene

One thing I do weekly, whenever I find myself discouraged or tired, I sit down, breathe, and imagine the person that I am becoming, while on this Dream path. And, not in some vague way! I imagine the same 2 movie-like scenes, and sit in them. For me, I imagine;

I am dressed in black, from head to toe, walking in to an airport. I am taking my time, making eye contact with the people around me, & creating genuine conversation with cashiers & strangers. I see a woman that know her value, walks in peace, and who hungers to affirm value in others.

Create a movie scene of your own! Because Dream Doing is more about who you are becoming, than what you are accomplishing.

4) Check In Weekly

Being your own boss is full is surprises, & constantly evolving! We've found it's really grounding to have traditions that help us track our growth. Our favorite way to do this is by starting every week with a drive down Christmas Tree Lane. We grab coffee, and we get REALLY honest about:

1) How we are feeling 2) How we are growing & 3) Where we are going.

It's definitely the most casual way that we track growth- but I find that the clarity that comes from verbal processing really maximizes our productivity in the week ahead!

5) Keep Dreaming

It's important to remember that the goal you are obsessing over right now is just one cup of coffee that you'll drink in your lifetime. Just one! You get excited for it, you drink it- then it's over! There will be a million more. (Can you tell I want coffee??)

Yes, goals are important- but pull back from the zoom in, and get in some weekly Dream Time. What is your heart saying? Who do you want to become? What're the bigger reasons behind your dream work? And what's Next? 

Doing is SOO necessary! But without Dreaming, you'd forget who you really are.



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Photos By The Authentic David J Orozco

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