EP 26: Focused Work & App Development W/ Weekenders' Arturo Ceballos


In this week's Podcast Episode, Micah & I sit down with the Founder & CEO of Weekender's, an App that plans your upcoming adventure!

Listen as Arturo talks about building a travel app, entrepreneurship, and what he's learned about focus in his creative work.


Arturo's Top 3 Tips



1) Find A Mentor Who's Life You Want To Emulate

Think specifically about the kind of person you want to be, 10 years from today. What types of things do you want to spend your time doing- what kind of creative work sounds most exciting to you? 

Find someone who's living that kind of lifestyle, and observe, shadow, or grow in friendship with that person.

2) Learn From Other People's Mistakes

What are the mistakes of other creative entrepreneurs around you? Whether it's people in your community, or creatives being interviewed on a podcast- what can you glean from the mistakes of those around you.

3) Prioritize What Makes You Feel Great/ Gives You Energy

Whether it's working out, getting in weekly family time, or grabbing coffee with your closest friends- get clear on what gives you energy & nourishment, and prioritize those things! Even if it means less work hours,

Prioritizing what makes you feel great gives you more longevity and fuel to do your best creative work.


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Photos By Alfonso Marz

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