EP 28: YouTuber Nathaly Dove On Niching Down (BTS Fresno Women's Summit)


This week I (Mic-i-ah)  talk to YouTuber & Blogger Nathaly Dove about what it’s like creating content for a living, how to go ALL IN on your interests instead of what’s trending, and get a behind the scenes look at the Fresno Women’s Summit.

One thing most of you don’t know, is that I went to school for Print Journalism- and my creative background is in magazine and newspaper creation. So it was soo refreshing to chat with a fellow journalism major, and hear her process of transiting from more traditional media to creating online content.

I know that you guys are gonna be inspired Nathaly’s story, so after this interview, don’t forget to subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her instagram!

Nathaly Dove's YouTube Channel

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