EP 37: Developing a Community Based Culture With Hi-Top Coffee

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This week we sit down with Coffee Shop Game Changers from our hometown- Hi Top Coffee! Listen in as we chat with Karsyn, Spencer, & Aaron about the ups & downs of opening up their first artisan coffee shop in Fresno, CA.

Micah & I dropped by Hi-Top thier opening week- and experienced something very unique; warm & diverse staff, genuine connection with the baristas, paired with distinct & beautiful branding. We knew we had to chat with them to get the deeper story behind their unique culture.

To connect with Hi-Top Coffee, check out their Instagram & Website! But of course, the BEST way to experience Hi-Top, is to drop by when you are in the Fresno area.


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All photos below were taken by THEE A-MAZING Ellie Koleen! We HIGHLY RECOMMEND following her on Instagram and hiring here to capture your moments.


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