EP 44: Instagram #CRASHCOURSE With Empowering Women Now Founder, Selene Kinder

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This week we get super practical! Tune in to this workshop style episode all about Instagram! How do you grow your audience? What are the best Instagram Apps & Tools? How do you get content inspiration?

Here are all the notes from our Instagram #CRASHCOURSE with Selene Kinder!


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Original Content: Creating your own, quality content, as opposed to creating click bait style content, will help maintain engagement. 

Intuitive Content: If you are a part of your target audience, listen to your inner compass! What content do you genuinely want to see more of? Start with creating that.

Before You Post, ask yourself 1) Does this align with my mission? and 2) Is this impactful? 

Content Hierarchy: Be clear on what your primary content is. At the end of the day, are you ultimately directing attention to your Blog? your YouTube channel? What is the content that your online vehicles are pointing towards?

Start with creating for your main thing, then pull content from that channel into your other online vehicles.

ex: Your Blog is your Primary Content. You pull quotes from your Blog, turn them into graphics, and use that on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Then you take a clip of your Blog and use it for your email list. 

Own Your Voice: Put your name on your quotes or social media accounts, and own your unique voice! Like Selene stated in this chat, it's ok to sound a little hood! As long as you are speaking in your authentic voice.

Content Themes: If you are creating content that has shifting themes(ex. Self Love, Dating Advice, How To Care for House Plants), try focusing on one theme a month, or some extended period of time, to help people engage more deeply with your content. 



Pace yourself!! There's no pressure to constantly be using EVERY tool on Instagram. It is helpful to use Lives, Stories AND Posts during promotional periods (Maybe you released a new shirt or print?) but be cautious of burning yourself out.

It's OK to take a Social Media break!! This coming the founder of an Instagram account with over 90k followers. 

Clear Goals: Think of your online platforms as vehicles. You should always be driving people somewhere or to a specific action with your posts, stories, & lives. Always have a clear goal.

Promotional Periods: When you are in a promotional period, like when Selene released her Gratitude Workbook, don't just sell! To get people excited about what you are selling/offering, create lots of free content related your offer. For example, Gratitude tips in Insta Posts, and on Stories. A chat on Gratitude on Insta Live, and maybe a sneak peak of the workbook for your email list. Take your time promoting, and think of creative ideas on how to genuinely serve your audience.

Intuitive Posting: Some experts say that 80% of your social media content should be helpful and serving, and only 20% should be selling. But Selene recommends using your intuition. You know your audience best! Some seasons, she posts way under 20% for sales focused content- and some months she posts more! It all depends on her intuition. What does she sense that her audience needs right now?

Posting Patterns: Don't get caught up on creaing a perfect pattern, or making you Instagram look perfect- focus most on creating an engaging user experience for your followers.

Focus on Growing 1 Platform at a Time- but use all of your online vehicles to do it! For example, if you Instagram is your main priority, strategically use your Pinterest, Blog, YouTube, and E-mail List to re-direct people to your Instagram for higher engagement and to find new followers.



Post & Story At The Same Time! Your engagement will rise. 

Insta Live: Use it! But to avoid awkward silence, try these things:

- Create a clear focus/topic

- Have at least three points to talk to your audience about, under that topic.

- End with a call to action, or lead your audience somewhere after.

- Announce your live a few days or a week before, and ask people to send you questions in advance! To get people involved and excited. 


App Recommendations:


Google Analytics (Print Weekly Reports)

Link Tree




Use Google Analytics to understand what your audience wants more of! What Blog posts get most clicks on your website? This helps you understand what content to keep creating, and trickle down to Instagram. Or if you have an online store- what items do your customers buy the most? Pay attention to what your audience is telling you. To track weekly and monthly data, you can also print reports too!

Create Trending Content On Other Platforms, like your website or YouTube channel, to drive traffic to your Instagram for growth. That maximizes your opportunity to grow your audience. 

Community Hashtags: Create a hashtag that your community can get excited about, and ask your audience to use it. Selene focused on creating a relatable hashtag that her followers could use, and offered to share their posts on Empowering Women Now's Instagram if they used the hashtag.

Recycle Content: Don't just post something once, on one platform. Give people lots of opportunities to engage with your one piece of content. For example, if you have an Instagram photo- also post about it in stories, post it on Facebook, post that same image on Pinterest, and you can even send your email list the photo and caption! 

Use Google Trends to figure out what people area interesting in learning more about! You can use this data to help craft Instagram content that is engaging for people. You can also use this data to craft Blog Titles, Pinterest Pins, Email Titles, and YouTube Video Titles - which can all grow your Instagram.

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