EP 45: Influencer #CRASHCOURSE With YouTuber Amanda Allison

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This week we talk to YouTuber, Blogger, & Creative Entrepreneur Amanda Allison all about Pitching Brands as an Influencer! Listen in to this workshop style episode, where Amanda gives you all the details behind pitching, negotiating on prices, & singing contracts with brands.

Here are all the notes from our Influencer #CRASHCOURSE with Amanda Allison


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Pitch Email

Always pitch a brand through Email, for a clear tracking system. And if you want to Instagram DM a brand, only ask for a connection point, Such as, “May I have the contact info for your Community Manager?” Also, geniunely engage with the brand on social media as much as possible before you pitch them!

It is a good idea to send your pitch email at least 1 season (Fall, Winter, Spring) ahead of the time that your idea would take place. Most brands work 1-2 seasons ahead of time, and set their budget for influencer partnerships in that time frame.

Your email should be brief, but pack a punch. Here is what you need to include.

Introduce yourself and your work, briefly.

Explain why you value their brand & how you’ve interacted with their brand

Give 2-3 sentences about your idea to work together.

Attach Press/Media Kit



A Press or Media Kit is a 1-2 page pdf that highlights who you are and the strength of your content. Always include a Media Kit in your brand pitch email! In your Press Kit/ Media Kit, include: 


Who you are

What You Do (The type of content you create)

Contact Info

Examples of work you’ve done (Photos, videos, etc.)

Examples of posts that perform well

Audience Demographics (Age Gender, Location)

Analytics on Your Main Content (Watch Time, Engagement, Audience Size, etc)


You can use Canva to design a Media Kit, purchase a template on Etsy, or use Adobe InDesign! And you can research on google to see what other influencer's kits look like.


A Rate Card is like a post card sized sheet of paper or PDF with your rates for creating different kinds of Content. Example: Instagram Post $125, Instagram Story $150, YouTube Video, $300, Blog Post $200.

Include 1- 3 Packages where you package your content together for a reduced price. Ex: Premium Package: 1 YouTube Video, 2 Instagram Posts, 1 Instagram Story = $585 (Worth $650)


Rates & Negotitaion

Always start your rates higher than you’d actually like to be paid.

Factor 20% in your rates for your taxes, and put that money away in a separate account for when you pay taxes.

Create prices that honor the amount of work you are doing, your skill level, the equipment you use to create, your living expenses, etc.

By a lot of people doing work for free, it makes it harder for Influences in general to get paid.

Don't be afraid of negotiating prices with a brand! It can increase your confidence, sense of self worth, and communication skills!



*ALWAYS create some form of a contract, whether it’s 3-4 pages, or a brief written & signed agreement. In your contract, include:

Assets (2 Instagram Posts Due by, With Drafts Due By)

Exclusivity (Can you only post about Olay SKin care, and no other skin care, for 6 months?)

Rights (Who owns the content? Do they have the right to use this content forever, or just for a specific time frame?)

Payment, Form of Payment, & Payment Due Date

Cancellation Clause (“Olay has the right to cancel this contract if the content does not meet expectations.”)

W9 or EIN number, for tax purposes

Signatures from both you and the brand

FTC Guidelines (Using verbage of Partner, or Ambassador?Including #ad or #sponsored, etc)


FTC Guidelines change per medium. For YouTube & Podcasts, Ads must be disclosed in written form AND verbally. For Instagram Posts, Ads must be clearly hashtagged, and for Instagram Stories, you must tag or verbally disclose about the ad on the first or last story.


Connect with Amanda Allison below!

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