*SOLD OUT* Dream Print, Atlantis Blue 11x14

*SOLD OUT* Dream Print, Atlantis Blue 11x14


Dream Prints are *not made with digital printers.

Each Dream Print is pressed with a hand carved wooden stamp. This leaves every print with a distinct and distressed look. 

Pressed on soft white, 11x14 art paper. This product is handcrafted in Central, CA.


Inspired by our favorite underdog, Atlantis Blue represents finding your true creative voice. 

Born part Atlantian, part human, Aquaman was a kid who didn't fit anywhere. But his journey is one of embracing what sets him apart, and growing in confidence along the way.

Remember, wherever you are in the journey, you ARE a Dream Doer, and your path won't look like anyone else around you. Embrace that. ;)


Frame Not Included:

Frame is not included. This print is paired nicely with a gold or black frame. Note, the print is pressed on a soft white paper, not stark white. We recommend you purchase a frame after receiving the print, for best pairing.

sold out
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