Dream Print, Krypton Gold 11x14

Dream Print, Krypton Gold 11x14

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Dream Prints are *not made with digital printers.

Each Dream Print is pressed with a hand carved wooden stamp. This leaves every print with a distinct and distressed look. 

Pressed on soft white, 11x14 art paper. This product is handcrafted in Central, CA.



Inspired by our favorite hero from Krypton (Superman), this gold print carries a message of knowing your value, through even the toughest seasons of life.

*Including the betrayal of earth, a massive identity crisis, and being hunted by Batman!

Remember, wherever you are in the journey, you ARE a Dream Doer, capable of the remarkable.


Frame Not Included:

Frame is not included. This print is paired nicely with a gold or black frame. Note, the print is pressed on a soft white paper, not stark white. We recommend you purchase a frame after receiving the print, for best pairing.

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